25 Years Anniversary

Vast Knowledge And Well-Rounded Experience To Every Legal Matter

Group photo of Christine Gale, Frederick N. Frank, Gregory M. Pocrass and John G. Harshman
25 Years Anniversary


In-Depth Experience And Knowledge In All Aspects Of Child Custody

Major family transitions like divorce and separation can create significant upheaval for your children. They will face numerous changes and challenges in the days to come. By thoughtfully approaching child custody issues, you can ease the transition for your children and maintain a positive relationship with them.

At Frank, Gale, Bails & Pocrass, P.C., a pre-eminent family law firm in Pittsburgh, we handle child custody matters with the utmost of care and skill. Our principal attorney in this area, Christine Gale, is not only an experienced practitioner, but also an author, panelist and leader in the family law field. Ms. Gale possesses extensive insights into all aspects of child custody in Pennsylvania, including:

  • Initial custody determinations
  • Modifications
  • Relocations
  • Enforcement
  • Grandparents’ rights
  • Jurisdictional issues involving multistate or international custody matters
  • Child custody mediation
  • Appeals

Tailoring A Strategy To Fit Your Needs

There is rarely a single, simple answer to any custody situation. Working out a suitable co-parenting arrangement typically involves give-and-take. Mediation is an increasingly common method for resolving custody disputes outside of court.

By gaining a comprehensive understanding of your unique circumstances and priorities, our lawyers will guide you in tailoring a strategy that meets your needs. Whether that involves pursuing an out-of-court resolution or preparing for trial, you can rely on the professional judgment our legal team has cultivated through decades of leadership in the child custody arena.

Discuss Your Situation During A Private Consultation

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